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We will be hosting a CrossFit Running Workshop, Nov 4th!
More info available here.


Snatch: 6 sets of 2, building with no misses.

6 Rounds Each, in Teams of 2, Alternating Rounds:
15/12 Cal Bike or Row (alternate if able)
7 Thrusters (heavy but unbroken)


Front Squats: 65/3, 70/3, 80/2, 85/2*5 sets
-every 2 min.

3 sets of 8 Hollow/arch kips on rings w/ towel b/n feet

6 min. Clock – As many sets of 2 UB Ring MU + 2 dips in 6 min.
*you must come down after every set of 2+2

3 sets of 25 weighted abmat situps (hold DB straight OH the entire time)

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