Reminder, 8AM & 9AM Only Tomorrow


Clean w/ pause 2″ off floor: work up to 80-85% and do 6-7 singles

In teams of 2, AMRAP in 20 Minutes:
Partner A completes:
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats
While Partner B completes:
12/9 Cal Assault Bike

Switch once both partners have completed their work.


Back Squat: Build to 80% then 6 sets of 2 EMOM

6 min EMOM: 3 wall walks + 5 lateral steps L and R w/ chin and toes on wall

5 sets: 30ft HS walk + Max static HS hold at end of walk

Midline – After:
4 sets
Accumulate 30 sec. hanging L-sit
3 single arm KB OHS squat therapy (light and perfect)

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