By Coach Justin Weir

Tip #3 – Always Improving

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint” – Your diet, fitness, and overall life, in general, should be more about gradual improvement for better overall quality in the long run. It’s easy to want results now, and the majority of society today is geared toward needing instant gratification. Finding the diet that works best for you is a process. Take a moment to think about what you’ve been cooking over the last few weeks. How have you felt in the morning when waking up? How have you felt pre and post working out? Try making small adjustments to your diet each week and then reflect on if those areas have improved or digressed.

Example: If I’ve been eating cheese on my lunch every day, maybe this week I remove the cheese and see how it affects me. Did my performance improve during the workout? Could I breathe better than last week? If yes, then cheese is one variable I could probably remove from my diet to improve my overall wellness.

Pro Tip- After reflecting on your diet, make small changes to tailor to the results you’re wanting to see. Feeling sluggish for your evening workout? Maybe add a little more nutrient dense carbs or healthy fats to your lunch. Are you more sore than normal on the days following your workouts? Pencil in some time for a little extra mobility following the workout paired up with a quality protein shake. Ask your coaches, we’re here to help!

-Coach Justin

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