315# Overhead Squat for 3… Must.Get.Stronger

8:30 Open Gym
9:30 WOD

No regular classes. Come do “Murph” with us at 10:00AM and join us for a post WOD BBQ!


With one partner working at a time, partners alternate whole rounds and complete 5 rounds each of:
5 Renegade Rows
10 DB/KB Thrusters
100 Meter Run


For the record, you do not have to compete to train like a professional. You need to have the desire to maximize your potential, and you need to have a solid foundation of fitness to ensure good movement patterns, tolerance to higher volume, and avoid injury. If interested, there will be a short competition group meeting Monday at 9:30am (before Murph). Let me know if you can not be there.

Group WOD

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