PAUSE Front Squat: 6 sets, build to heavy triple

In teams of Two, alternating stations for 8 Rounds:
25 Abmat Situps | R+ GHD Situps
50ft KB Front Rack Lunge (Rx 35/26| R+ 53/35)
10 Deadlift (Rx 185/125 | R+ 245/155 | scale to 60%)

Partner A does situps, B does Lung, A deadlift, B situps, and so on until the team has completed 8 rounds, and each partner has done every station 4 times.


Snatch Push Press: 5×3 to heavy triple

Snatch: Every 60 sec x 5 sets: complete 1 rep @ 88%

CJ: Every 90 sec x 5 sets: at 88% complete 1 rep

Strict HSPU:
– Perform a max set of Strict HSPU, don’t stop until you fail
– come off the wall and take 15 very deep breaths
– Kick up and repeat max effort
– Repeat for 3 total sets

Accumulate 20 Hollow/Arch Seal Rolls (roll over and roll back = 1 rep; 20 in both directions)

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