In teams of two, AMRAP in 18 minutes:
12 OHS (95/65 | R+ 135/95)
10 C2B Pullups | R+ 5 Ring MU
20/16 Cal Row | R+ Bike
10 C2B Pullups | R+ 5 Ring MU


7 min. Clock to find max Thruster from the ground
*start with empty bar
*Rest 2 min.
7 min. clock to find max Clean only
*Rest 2 min.
Then 1 set of max rep thrusters 60% of today’s max thruster – No resting in front rack

4 sets
10 alt. KB front rack box step ups
50ft KB carry e/arm

3 sets of max HS hold facing wall – work pulling legs off to freestanding if able

Mark 20 ft. segment on floor
-in 3 min. Max HS shuttle walks … you can only come down at the ends

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