Child’s Pose
Thread the Needle
Pigeon Stretch
Downward Dog w/ Leg Lift

2 Sets
12 Alt Quadruped KB Pullthroughs
8e/leg SL KB DL
10 Single Arm KB Thruster

Max Effort Chin-Ups in 3 minutes.
Pick a modification that you can do PERFECT chin-ups with (controlled up and down), for a minimum of 3-5 reps.

(e.g. Banded, Low bar, Ring Rows)

In Teams of 2, 20 Minute AMRAP (one person working at a time):
20 Deadlifts (155/105) | (225/155)
20 Burpee Over Bar
20 Toes to Bar | 5 Rope Climbs
40 Wall Ball (20/14)

Partner run 200m every 5 minutes, starting with the beginning of the workout.

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