Back Squat: 55/3, 65/3, 75/3, 80/3, 85/3

In teams of 2, For time:
150 Cal Row
80 Burpees over ERG
80 Toes to Bar
*switch partners every minute until complete. If partner A completes an exercise they will begin and do the next exercise until the end of the minute.


Snatch w/ Pause just off floor + OHS: Every 90 sec, building to heavy single

Death by:
10ft HS Walk + Power Clean @ 65-70% of best clean
*1+1, then 2+2, etc until you can’t finish.
**10ft has to be unbroken, 2 reps = 2x10ft. You can do more than 10ft unbroken, but each 10ft segment has to be unbroken to count as 1 rep.

Rest 2 min then immediately into max UB T&G Power Cleans at the same weight, no stopping or resting of any kind

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