343 Throwdown – Event 2 – “Triple Threat”
In teams of 2, AMRAP in 10 min, one partner working at a time:
15/12 Bike for Cal
12 Toes to Bar
9 Snatch

Rx 115/75,
Masters 95/65,
Scaled 75/55 (and abmat situps),
Scale more as needed


-Power Snatch + OHS: 10min EMOM working to heavy set w/ no misses
-Rest 2 min, then at 80% of today’s complex perform 10 squat snatch AFAP
-Rest 2 min, then 3 attempts only at best snatch for the day

4 sets of 6: power hollow/arch kips
*kip hard enough that you have a moment of weightlessness that you could release hands off bar … you must maintain tension!

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