Dynamic Warm-Up

2 Sets
10/8cal Bike
10 e/arm KB Windmills
20sec e/arm Single Arm Planks (Prone)

EMOM for 20 Minutes (5 Rounds):
Set 1: 15/12cal Bike
Set 2: 20 Candle Stick Toe Touch
Set 3: 40sec DBall Bearhug Hold (80/50)
Set 4: Rest 1 Minute

(1) Push the pace and aim for 15/12cal
(2) https://youtu.be/ohszH6UUNLs?t=6
(3) No slumping. Keep midline engaged, glutes squeezing, legs straight.

Cool Down:
1min Samson Stretch (30sec e/side)
1min Cobra Stretch
1min Child’s Pose (30sec e/side)

Banded Stretch (Upper Body)

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