Pre-Performance Training
During the Open, Thursday attendance drops significantly as people think that a rest day is going to help them with their Friday performance when I can assure you that it is precisely the oppositive. The best thing is to always stay moving. While I wouldn’t recommend training hard the day before a big event, I always suggest staying active and doing something light. Here’s why…

It only takes 2 hours of inactivity for your muscles to begin to shorten and lose elasticity. It only takes 48 hours for muscles to start the atrophy process (losing muscle mass). And in 24 hours a noticeable level of aerobic capacity is lost.

If you ask someone that has been doing this a few years they will tell you how once you train every day for a while, you can notice a significant drop after only one day off. Get in the gym and prime for big events. We recover, we don’t rest.


Banded Hamstring Stretch
Lat Smash on Ball or Roller
Ankle Mobility (Coaches Choice)

Active Recovery
3 Rounds:
400M Run at conversation pace
20 UB Wallballs (20/14)
10 UB T2B
2 Wall Walks

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