The extra Hoodies and Sweats are now available for purchase!

Yoga Classes at 530AM and 600PM


2 min each side seated hamstring lacrosse ball smash
2 min weighted hamstring stretch
3-5 min of lacrosse ball back mob (start on traps and move down a few inches every min or so while slowly working arms from your side to over head palms up)
2 min each side calf smash

Accumulate a total of:
40 GHD Hip Extensions
30 Anchored Candle Sticks

20 Pistols (15 e/l, scale with box or band in rack)

10 Overhead Lunges in Place (45/25 Plate)
20 Meter Shuttle Sprint (10M increments)
8 OH Lunges
40 Meter Shuttle Run
6 OH Lunges
60 Meter Shuttle
4 OH Lunges
80 Meter Shuttle
2 OH Lunges
100 Meter Shuttle


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