2 Sets
12 Side Plank w/ Rotation (ea/side)
10 Alt Push-up into Pike Toe Touch
10 Ring Row Facepulls (2021)*
6 BB Aipa Rows

(2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3e6QZYuCYY
*(2sec descent, 0sec bottom, 2sec ascent, 1sec pause at top)

Bench Press: 5 Sets of 5, building each set as able
Tempo: 21X1

4 Sets
5 Strict Tempo Chin-ups (31X2)*
12 Alternating DB Chest Press (6e/side)
10-12 BB Bicep Curls (21X1)
20sec GHD Hollow Hold

*banded if needed, weighted if too easy
3sec descent, 1sec pause, up fast, 2sec pause at top

(3) Arms overhead if able

Hold each stretch for 1 minute each (1min each side, if applicable):
(1) Upperbody Banded Stretch (2-3 minute per side)
(2) Deadhang on Rig (prone & supinated)*

*have your feet touching the ground to help support your weight if you can’t hang for full duration

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