We will need extra tables and chairs for the Weightlifting Meet and Christmas Party on Saturday. If you can loan us some stuff, please bring it by Friday, THANKS!!!


These people need to pick up their orders:
Chris Coleman – XXL (Exchange Yours ASAP)
Jenn T. – M
Skyla – S
Brittany O. – M
John A. – XL (This is the one Coleman is exchanging)
Corey/Connie – No more Mediums, but I think a Large will fit. Have him try one on…

Here’s what we have left in stock:
2 Small
3 Large

Doesn’t look like we can justify another shipment, sorry!


1) Snatch – 20 minute find 2RM. Does NOT have to be touch and go.

2) Five sets for max Ring Dips:
In 60 seconds, complete 10 Burpees and then AMRAP of Ring Dips
Rest 60 seconds

Scale as needed (bar dips, bands, or pushups).


Active Recovery and/or Make-Up Day

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