There is (by my standard) a ridiculous amount of demand for a 5:30am class. Hey, I’m not complaining, if ya’ll want to sweat at before the crack of dawn, I’ll teach you how to do it. But something has to give to make it happen. Here’s what I’m thinking for the new schedule: 5:30am / 6:30am / 8:00am / 5:30pm / 6:30pm

The noon class would be gone and the 7:30/8:30 ‘s would be combined into 8:00. I know a couple of you are not going to be fans of this. IF THERE IS ENOUGH DEMAND I WILL BRING BACK THE 9:00AM CLASS ALSO. Voice your opinions! Let me know what you want. Leave a comment! Changes, regardless of what is decided go into affect Monday. 

Don’t forget about Happy Hour at Boomer Jacks Friday after the 5:30pm class. That will be a good time to lay down your argument for whatever class time you want!


15min to practice KB Snatch

For time:
Run 800

3 rounds of:
5 KB Snatch – Right (53/35) DEMO
5 KB Snatch – Left (53/35)
15 Hand Release Pushups

Run 800

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