So Um… Yeah. I failed to get a good picture of Wednesday’s result before I erased the board. PLEASE POST YOUR WEDNESDAY’S RESULTS TO WEDNESDAY’S COMMENT SECTION. It should look like this… Coker – 96lbs – 6:19 or Tammy – Green+Blue – 9:12

You get the point. Sorry and thanks! These are important numbers and I feel like an idiot…

Shirts are in. Tank Tops $15. T-Shirts $20


4X 8 Pull-ups + 15 Beat Swings – rest 60 sec.
4X 15sec L-Sit Hang on Bar or Rings + 5 Ball-ups – rest 60 sec.

5 Min. Row for Calories

We will spend the remaining time to work on squat technique and different mobility issues that cause common faults and poor technique.

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