SAVE THE DATE – The Pandemonium Project – SEP 12, 7:00PM

We are going to spread out our events more in the coming year. In place of the Club Championship, we are going to have a one night team challenge. It will cost $40, and include an event shirt that will only be available to participants.

Main things you need to know:
– Members Only, no Spectators, no Children
– Register at the Gym. $40, includes event shirt.
– You will be placed into teams, you do not need a team before signing up, the coaches will pick the teams and captains, all of which will be unknown until the event starts.
– There will not be any traditional WODs. There will be some things you have done, and some you have not done.
– All movements/challenges will be scale-able.
– If you like doing hard things, moving heavy weights, loud noises, grunting, sweating, more hard things, camaraderie, team work, shirtless dudes, or setting PRs, this event is for you.

Reminder, the Body Analytics Test is Tuesday afternoon!

You will be submerged in water with your nose and mouth just slightly out of the water. You need to bring a swimsuit and a towel. No T-shirts or loose clothing should be worn. Please bring swim cap if you use gel or lotion on your hair. We have a private dressing room on board. The test takes less than 10 minutes. Workout after your test, NOT before.

The lab is air conditioned. The water is heated and chemically treated for cleanliness to meet all local swimming pool and hot tub requirements of the local health department.

Eating within 2 hours before the test may affect your results by up to 1 1/2%. Therefore, we advise you to not eat within two hours before the test.


Power Snatch – 4×2@75% of Max Snatch
Rest 30 sec
Weighted Plank – 4x60sec
Rest 60 sec

For Time:
800M Run
-Followed by 5 rounds of:
25 Double Unders
20 Abmat Situps
15 Pushups
-Followed by 400M Run


Clean – 3RM then 2×3@90% of 3RM


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