Happy New Year!

Schedule Reminder
31st, Monday: NO 600P or 700P

1st, Tuesday: 900A Community WOD – FREE to ALL!
Be sure any new visitors register for the class BEFORE arriving, thanks!


For time, in teams of 3, w/ 2 people working at time:
22,019 Meter Air Bike
At the same time, complete:
250 Air Squats
150 Pushups
250 Abmat Situps
150 Russian KBS (53/35)
250 Double Unders
150 Prisoner Lunges

*Only 2 people can work at time, so you will always have 1 on the bike, 1 doing reps, and 1 resting. If the Bike is finished before the reps, you can then have 2 people doing reps.

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