Dynamic Stretch/Warm-up

2 Sets
20s/20s/20s Row (light/moderate/hard)
10 Forearm Plank to Dolphin Pose
10 Alternating Tripod OH Reach
20 Supinated Banded Pull-aparts
20 Anterior Tibialis Raise

3 Minutes x 4 Rounds (12 Minutes)
8 Close Grip Bench Press (3sec negatives)
Immediately into 30sec Max Effort Row

Rest for the remainder of the 3 minutes – Record heaviest set BP and calories for all 4 rounds.

EMOM x 12 Minutes (4 Rounds) – Record lowest total rep round:

  1. 30sec Max Reps Double Under
  2. 30sec Max Reps Burpee Pull-up
  3. 30sec Max Reps DB Alternating Push Press (50/35)*


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