6 Rounds at a Steady Pace:
6 (e/arm) Single Arm OH Walking Lunge w/ KB
6 Seated DB Press (light-medium) | R+ Kipping HSPU

“Dumbbell DT”
5 Rounds for time: (50s/35s)
12 DB Deadlifts
9 DB Hang Power Clean
6 DB Push Jerk

**16 min cap. Combined weight should be 65-70% of bar weight from DT on Sep 12.


Clean pull + Clean from 2″ off ground + FS:
Every 2 min for 8 sets, building as able
*after the 1st pull you lower the bar without touching the ground before you perform the clean

Deadlift: 6 sets working to smooth 6RM for the day
*deadstop on each rep, use steel if possible
-8 parallette pushups after each set

25 Freestanding tripod leg ext. from straight to kipping pos. and back up
*only legs are moving, you must control your core to stay balanced

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