8 Rounds for Time:
10/7 Cal Bike
8 DB Hang Clean & Push Press (50/35s)
20′ DB Front Rack Lunges (50/35s)
Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds

*2 DBs, should be unbroken for most of workout
**12/9 Cal Rower can be used if all the bikes are taken


3 Pos Clean (power pos, Above knee, below knee): Build to heavy set

Banded deadlifts: EMOM for 10min x 3 reps, use 60-70% weight plus bands

5 Sets:
10 weighted hollow parellette pushups (as deep as possible)
20 banded tricep extensions

20 strict HSPU + 40 kipping HSPU AFAP
*scale rep range as needed

Midline – After
20 perfect/slow GHD back extensions
*this is different than a hip extension. start with the neck and SLOWLY round the back unlit you are tucked under like a turtle, then starting with the low back, slowly extend back out finishing with the neck.

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