This weekend is the Texas Weightlifting Championship. Laura an I are going Sunday morning to see Spencer Arnold win some hardware. If anyone wants to join us let us know.


Back Squat (Low Bar): 1X5 @ 65%, 1X5 @ 70%, 1X5 @ 75%, 1X5 @ 80%


7 rounds for total reps of:
30 Seconds ME Double-Unders
30 Seconds ME Power Snatch 115/75#
*Rest 1 Minute


Font Squats: 1X5@60%, 3X5@65%

1) 7X2 Snatch from Blocks (just above knee)– heavy but perfect, rest 60 seconds DEMO VIDEO
2) 7X2 Clean from Blocks (just above knee) + 1 Push Jerk – heavy but perfect, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO


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