Seems to be a lot of interest in the CrossFit Wylie Performance Course. There will probably be more than one. The first will be February 16th, the weekend before the Greenville competition. It will be about 4 hours long and include particular instruction for the upcoming competition, general technique work in weightlifting and body weight movements, and of course a couple WODs. The first course will be Free to Members and $20 to non-members. If you would like to attend, please sign up HERE.


Right now we have 3 teams signed up for the AMRAP Series Competition. I think Jeff is working on a 4th. Let us know if you want to participate but haven’t joined a team.

I added a new link to the Home/Travel WOD page. Thanks to Kari for finding this useful document.

A limited number of Kill Cliff WOD Books are available at the gym for $5. They are full of awesome info!


Low Bar: 1X5@60%, 1X3@70%, 1X2@80%, 1X2 @90%, 1X1@95%, 1X1@103%
MUST use spotters at 95% & 103%. Always use two spotters. See video.


Run 400m @ 80% – rest 2 minutes.
Run 400m @ 90% – rest 3 minutes.


Run 400m – ALL OUT. Run like this is chasing you…
Sub with 500M Row if necessary. Run will be from back door to the intersection and back.


Front Squats: 1X5@60%, 1X5@70%, 2X5@75%


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