Whole Life Challenge

Last week I eluded to the next Paleo/Lifestyle Challenge. Now it’s time! Instead of running a small in house paleo challenge, we’ve decided to enter a team into the Whole Life Challenge. It’s a professionally run Lifestyle Challenge. It’s also a global challenge similar to the Open, but without the workouts. It starts Sept 13th. Sign up before Aug 25th to get $10 off.

In all honesty, this will be my first challenge like this. I’ve always been pretty happy with my progress as many of you are, but there is no downside. I know that if I make some small, consistent improvements in my nutrition, I will feel better, perform better, and live longer. I think everyone can improve in some way, this is a good opportunity to make those improvements.

If you make one small change that lasts a lifetime it will be well worth the registration cost.


The Pandemonium Project – Sept 12th

Sign-up sheet at the gym, deadline is Sept. 6th, no exceptions.


Back Squat – 4×3@80-90%
Rest 30 seconds
Bent over Row – 4×3 Heavy but Perfect
Rest 2 minutes

“Curtis P. Burpee” from last year’s Club Championships

7 Minute AMRAP of:
4 Curtis P (115/75)
4 Burpees Over-the-Bar
8 CP
8 Burpees OTB
12 CP
12 Burpees OTB
…and so on until time expires.         


EMOM for 12 min:
Evens: 3 Strict HSPU
Odds: 3 Muscle Ups
If you don’t have Ring MU, spend entire minute doing one of the 2 progressions. If HSPU are easy, add deficit. 

Back Squat – if you did Mondays, go 3×3@90% of Monday’s 3RM

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