Press: 4 Sets of 4, Building (warmup for Jerks)

Push Jerk or Split Jerk: Build to a heavy double, then drop to 70% of best and complete one max rep set of push jerks

AMRAP in 18 Min:
400M Run
3 Wall Walks
10 Cal Row
100ft Walking Lunge

*split large groups between Run start and Row start, but workout order remains the same(row, lunge, etc.)


Pause BS: 11 min to work to 2RM w/ 3 sec pause in both reps
**no belt or knee wraps or sleeves

3 sets of 8 Hollow/arch kips on ring w/ towel b/n feet

10 min EMOM: MU from static Arch position + 2 MU + 5 sec. support hold
*use progression as needed

Midline – After
5 sets of 3 skin the cats + 20-40 sec. L-sit hold

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