Every 4 Minutes for 5 Rounds:
18 Cal Row
12 C2B Pullups | 5 Ring MU
14 Alt KB Weighted Step Ups 20″ (53s/35s)

Share a rower with a partner if needed and stagger your starts as needed:
i.e. Partner A starts at 0, B starts at 2, A starts at 4, B starts at 6, etc.

Record your time for each round. You have 4 min to do your round. If you don’t finish your round in 4 min, you move to the next round. If you finish in under 4 minutes, rest until your next round.

3 sets
20 hollow rocks
10 GHD hip extensions


Jerk Dip + Power Jerk + 6 sec OH hold:
14 min working to max

Back Squat:
10 min EMOM – 1 rep w/ 3 sec. pause, working up to 80-85%

in as few sets as possible – 60 lateral HS steps on wall (keep it 30/30 but break up as desired)

3 attempts Max distance UB HS walk

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