Keith is getting all kinds of love on here, but when your face gets this red, I just gotta post it…

If you get tired of “How I met Your Mother” re-runs. Watch This. I have a few friends that have met this guys and say he’s under 200lbs now (started at 275), and is more excited than ever about continuing his progress.

Reminder: this program is designed to be five days a week. I understand you are busy and life happens, but do your best to show up and you will get the best results. With that said, our program twice a week is still better than THIS everyday.

And don’t forget about the 25 per day Overhead Squat challenge this month. Start catching up you slackers!

The GYM RECORDS are up to date with all kinds of changes. Everyone smoked the back squat yesterday! Now we have to reset our 3RM numbers because everyone went so preposterously higher on their 1RM. It’s only just begun.

WOD – Watch the Hollow Body Demo…

5X3 Hang Snatch (full squat) – heaviest possible with near perfect technique, rest as needed

3 rounds NOT for time:
-50 Double Unders – Attempts Count NO SINGLES
-Max Shoulder Touches in 60 seconds – Scale as needed DEMO 
-Row 500M – For Time
-60 sec Hollow Body Hold – Break as Needed DEMO

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