Whole Life Challenge – Starts Saturday

You can still join the CrossFit Wylie WLC TEAM!
If you missed the WLC Benchmark WOD, make it up by Saturday. Remember, it’s not the workout they posted, we have our own.

Friday’s Schedule

This week only: Open Gym from 5:30-9:00AM & 4:00-6:00PM.
Due to anticipated low attendance because of Pandemonium we are running an open gym format. There will be coaching  and a WOD but no regular classes.


For those NOT participating in Project Pandemonium
5 Rounds for Time:
200M Run
4 Hang Power Snatch (115/75)
20M Farmers Walk (230/130)

We got some new farmers walk bars. They weigh 25lb. 230 is 45’s on both bars, 130 is four 10’s on each bar. 


If you are participating in Pandemonium you can still do the extra, but I would definitely break it up into AM/PM sessions. I would also back off the loading, focus on you technique. 

Push Jerk – work up to heavy double from rack

Power snatch – 4×1@80% of 1RM Snatch from 3″ riser

Back Squat – Heavy single then 4×1@80% of that

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