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The “Newtrition” Challenge starts Monday. We have an optional kick-off meeting Sunday at 2PM that will double as a short nutrition Q&A and seminar, as we try to educate on why we are doing what we are doing. If you can’t attend the kick-off, we will attempt to live stream in the private FB group. There is still time to SIGN UP!

Now check out Coach Justin’s newest blog post series on nutrition!

Your Nutrition in 2018

By Coach Justin Weir:

Over the past few months, several members of the CrossFit Wylie community have asked what I’ve been doing to either drop some LB’s or to improve my performance in the gym. To this, I typically respond that “this diet and exercise thing really works!” – Which is true, but there’s admittedly a little more to it than that. A big part of what I’ve found works for me is meal prepping. With the “Newtrition” Challenge right around the corner, I thought it might be helpful to share some tips every week to help you through the month-long challenge and possibly develop some clean(er) eating habits in the process.

Meal Prepping in a Nutshell

So, what is meal prepping? Meal prepping, in a nutshell, is cooking your food in bulk quantity to be split into individual meals that can be spread out over a period of a few days at a time. I lean toward preparing food for 3-5 days at a time (after about 5 days your fresh food becomes not so fresh anymore). For me, this process starts on Sunday afternoon. I go to the grocery store and get enough food to cook meals for at least the majority of the week (5 days roughly). Sunday evening, I prep all the food purchased and evenly distribute them into individually portioned containers. Each container represents 1 meal. I typically try to prep for 10 prepared meals for the week.

Why Should I Meal Prep?

Meal prepping takes out the guesswork during the course of the week. You know exactly what you’re eating, every meal, of every day. This prepares you for an easy to follow plan and will make you less likely to deviate from your dietary goals. Meal prepping will help you be more consistent and for most things in life, consistency is everything. Whether it be eating more cleanly, going to the gym more often, or getting more sleep; consistency is the key if you want to see better results over time. Meal prepping is what helps me stay the most consistent from a nutritional standpoint and it can help you stay on track for the Newtrition Challenge and beyond.

Stay tuned for weekly tips and tricks to assist you throughout the Newtrition Challenge. Until next time, I’ll see you at the gym.

-Coach Justin

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