Weekend Schedule

Friday – 5:30AM, 6:30AM, 8:30AM ONLY – Club Champ start at 6pm.
Saturday – Hotshots 19 at 10AM. Donate on their site and join us Sat to honor them.
Sunday – Weightlifting Seminar with Donny Shankle
Monday – 10AM ONLY

First Annual CrossFit Wylie Club Championship

I’m pretty pumped about this. We have over 50 people signed up. It’s going to go fast and be crazy so here are some basic guidelines:
– Have Fun!
– It will be packed. Bring chairs, coolers, etc. and sit in the alley when spectating. Kids are welcome, but not allowed in the gym during events (too much going on). BYOB for after!
– You will warm up on your own. Be warm and ready to go when your heat is called.
– We may need extra judges at some points, help out when you aren’t busy.
– No arguing with other athletes, judges, or coaches.
– Stay after your done to help and cheer everyone on. Be as loud as possible!

First Two Events…

1) “Max Thrusting”
6 minutes to find a 1 Rep Max Thruster

MOVEMENT STANDARDS for ALL DIVISIONS: The bar will start on the floor. Power Clean + Thruster and/or Squat Clean into Thruster are both acceptable as long as the crease of the hip passes below the knee and the bar continues uninterrupted into a locked out overhead position. Athlete must lockout and show complete control of the bar until their judge is satisfied and gives the down signal (quick punchout drops are no-reps).
NOTES: At the start of the clock the athlete will load their bar for the first attempt. The load can only increase, not decrease.

Exactly 1 minute following Event #1…
2) “The Champs ’13”

13 Minute AMRAP of:
30 Wallballs to 10′ target (20/12)
10 Toes to Bar
20 Hand Release Burpees over the Box (24/20)
30 Wallballs to 10′ target (20/12)
10 Toes to Bar
20 Hand Release Burpees over the Box (24/20)
20 Handstand Pushups

WB – Hip crease must pass below the knee. Ball must make contact with the wall above the designated mark.
T2B – Feet must start behind the vertical plane of the bar and make simultaneous contact with the bar between the hands.
HRBOTB – Hands must be off the floor while on the chest. Feet must leave the ground at the same time and make contact with the top of the box before reaching the other side. One HR burpee plus one over the box jump equals one rep. Face the box, no lateral jumps.
HSPU – Hands placed on two 25lb plates, hand must cover the holes, no fingers in the holes. Abmat between the plates. Must start in the locked out position, touch head to the abmat, then return to the lockout position with both feet in contact with the wall at the top.
NOTE: Masters will use abmat without plates. Scaled will be allowed to use up to a 45lb plate under abmat, no more. Scale for other movements will be case by case at coaches discretion. 

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