Every year on Memorial Day, Americans honor those who have fallen serving the United States Armed Forces. At CrossFit Wylie, we have a tradition of supporting The Murph Challenge by completing “Murph” the workout on Memorial Day. For information about Murph and the workout check out our page. Scroll down for details regarding tomorrow.


We will run groups of 18, with the first heats starting at 0800 / 0900 / 1000 sharp.
Members can still sign-up for heats using Wodify.
Non-Members can register for a drop-in Here.


To reduce the risk of overtraining we always have a cutoff of 40 minutes for each athlete to start their 2nd mile. This means you have to start your 2nd mile run at the 40-minute mark regardless of how many reps you have completed. We don’t take this cap lightly. With over a decade of strength & conditioning experience, we know just how serious overtraining and rhabdomyolysis can be. Be smart!

THIS YEAR we encourage everyone to take extra precautions due to the time away from the gym during the shutdown. If you didn’t continue doing kipping pullup and pushups on a regular basis during the shutdown, we strongly suggest halving the workout or partnering with someone to split the workload.

“Last year I completed the entire workout in 37 minutes, and suffered a minor case of Rhabdo in my triceps because I had not been training pushups on a regular basis leading up to it. A year later, my triceps are still at 70% (maybe). It’s not a matter of being fit enough! It’s more about what you have been doing for the 60-90 days immediately prior, and this year, for 90% of you, that means you need to scale it back. Please, for your sake, err on the cautious side and use this year’s Murph as a building block.” – Coach Chris

DON’T BE DISCOURAGED if you can’t do the entire workout, not many can. Anyone can do their own version of “Murph” (1/2 Murph or even 1/4 Murph). The idea is to challenge yourself and do a little more each year.

Beginners or non-members of unconfirmed experience level will be scaled or partnered accordingly by Crossfit Wylie coaches.


The forecast looks much cooler than normal! It also looks like we may need a canoe to finish.
We’ll see what happens and run if we can. If not, the substitutes will be:
1 Mile Run =
Row: 1600M for slower Rowers / 2000M for Strong Rowers
Bike: 4000M for slower Bikers / 5000M for Strong Bikers
*Use your best judgment and choose your appropriate distance


Please keep the following in mind going into Murph:

  • All socializing before and after your heat must be done outside in the parking lot. Bring tents, chairs, etc, and feel free to tailgate in a safe manner following all COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Make sure you pre-registered for a heat. See below for details.
  • Check-in and log your results from your phone or ask the coach to do it for you. Do not touch kiosk.
  • Warm-up on your own beginning 10 minutes prior to your heat.
  • Upon entering the gym for your heat, wash or disinfect your hands.
  • Work with the coaches and others to find your work station and follow instructions.
  • BRING A TOWEL for your face during pushups. 
  • Upon finishing, wash down your work area, pullup bar, etc. and head outside for cooldown. Again, don’t touch the kiosk.
  • Have Fun!
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