IT’S BACK! The 2015 Club Championship is November 6th & 13th!
Here’s the details.

The Whole Life Challenge & Hydrostatic Test

You can still sign up!
The Challenge starts on Saturday & the optional Hydrostatic Body Test is TOMORROW!

The kickoff meetings for the challenge will be at 7:45PM on Thur, Sep 17th and another on Sat, Sep 19th at 11AM. The meetings are not mandatory, but definitely recommended. For all details and registration, visit the event page here.


Yoga (530AM or 6PM)


Teams of four as a 2 man relay, complete for time:
2x 100M Sled Pull
2x 200M Sled Pull
2x 300M Sled Pull
2x 400M Sled Pull

Teams of 4. Each team splits into 2 pairs. Each pair will complete the prescribed distances one time, with one person working at a time, switching anytime they want. So after the first pair complete the 100M, the second pair complete the 100M, then on to the 200M.

Prescribed weight: 90/50
Large Sled Weighs 90lb Unloaded

Small Sled Weighs 25lb Unloaded

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