Banded Stretches (Upper/Lower)
Couch Stretch

2 Sets
10e/leg Single Leg Poor Man’s Leg Curl
20sec Side Plank w/ Leg Raises
10 Max Effort Rower Pulls

Back Squats: 1×20@50% or 5lb heavier than last week.

Be smart with your jumps/weight choice. Stick to 50% or even less if you’re hurting.

In teams of three, one partner on each station, 3 Rounds For Time:
1,000m Bike
10 Clean & Jerks (135/95) | (185/115)
20 V-Ups | T2B

One person will start at each station, and rotate after everyone finishes their station. When everyone has going through all 3 movements, that is 1 Round.

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