Back Squat: 5 sets of 5 working to 5RM for the day
**be slightly conservative, keep these reps smooth

For Total Rounds:
Death by 10M Shuttle
*starts at 3, add 1 per min, down=1, back=2

Rest 5 min.

Death by Cal Row
*start at 3, add 1 per min


12 min. EMOM – 1 Jerk w/ 3 sec. pause in dip and split/receiving position
*no misses
Rest 2 min, then at 80%, Perform 6 Jerks w/10 sec Overhead hold AFAP

10 min. EMOM – 2 complexes w/ towel b/n feet
– Kip only + Kip w/ pull to rings + MU + Ring dip

Accumulate 12 L-sit MU AFAP
*scale w/variations of L-sit pullups and holds

2 attempts max time elbow plank

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