WOD MetconIn Teams of 2, for Time, one partner working at a time: 800m Partner Run50 KBS 53/3580 Alt SA OH Lunges 53/35100 Situps50 Goblet Squats 53/3580 KBS800m Partner Run *if solo, cut reps in half


WOD StrengthSplit Jerk E90S x 6 sets:Split jerk x 2 *start light and build based on feel MetConCrossFit Games Open 11.520-Minute AMRAP of:5 Power Cleans 145/10010 Toes-To-Bar15 Wall-Balls 20/14 Scaled20-Minute AMRAP of:5 Power Cleans (50% of 1RM)10 Knee Raises15...


WOD StrengthE3M x 4 sets 8 deadlifts12 Banded lat pull downs10 push-ups MetConE4M x 4 sets: 500/400m row6 hang power cleans (95/65)(135/95)8 alt. Front rack reverse lunges (4/leg) *goal is to maintain the same amount of rest time each round or get faster*row counts...


WOD StrengthE3M x 5 sets: 2 Pause bench press: 3sec pause at chest10 DB lat pull overs12 Banded face pulls MetCon10min AMRAP: 24 KB swings (53/35)( 35/25)12 Goblet hold box step overs 24/20”6 burpee pull-ups


WOD StrengthFront Squat/Back Squat E3.5M x 4 sets:Front squat x 6 @ 65-70% immediately followed by…Max effort back squats MetConFor Time: 3-6-9-6-3Clean & Jerk* (135/95)( 155/105)T2B *Power is allowed