WOD StrengthE3M x 5 sets: 2 Pause bench press: 3sec pause at chest10 DB lat pull overs12 Banded face pulls MetCon10min AMRAP: 24 KB swings (53/35)( 35/25)12 Goblet hold box step overs 24/20”6 burpee pull-ups


WOD StrengthFront Squat/Back Squat E3.5M x 4 sets:Front squat x 6 @ 65-70% immediately followed by…Max effort back squats MetConFor Time: 3-6-9-6-3Clean & Jerk* (135/95)( 155/105)T2B *Power is allowed


WOD 25min AMRAP w/ a partner, alternating complete rounds: 1 bar MU/1 strict pull-up*100m run1 wall walk*100m run Add 1 rep to pull-up/MU & wall walk after both partners have completed a round. Ex: Partner A does 1 rep, then Partner B does 1 rep. Then partner A...


WOD StrengthSnatch Set 1-3: 3 position snatch (hip, hang, floor)Set 4-6: 2 position snatch (hang, floor)Set 7-9: 1 snatch *see if you can start a little bit heavier than last week, maybe by 3-5% MetCon7 Rounds for time (RX+ 10 rounds): 5 DB hang power cleans 35/25s,...


WOD Mute Sports Equipment Double Under Clinic 1st 20 minutes of class MetCon”ANNIE”50-40-30-20-10Double undersAbmat sit ups