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Michael just hit the 3-year milestone with CrossFit Wylie! He has lived in the Wylie area for 14 years now and grew up in Chicago. He is married to his wife Annie and they have two children, his son Eli, and daughter Wendy. Michael graduated from Missouri Rolla where he played baseball and earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. You will see Michael at 7PM Monday through Thursday and 6PM on Friday’s. He’s a hard worker, easy to coach and makes everyone in the gym feel welcome.

Alex: How long have you been at CrossFit Wylie?
Michael: Coming up on three years.

Alex: Why do you CrossFit?
Michael: To maintain fitness, live the healthiest lifestyle I can, and try to get that 1% better every day.

Alex: Favorite CrossFit movement or lift?
Michael: Squats. I love leg day.

Alex: Least favorite CrossFit movement or lift?
Michael: Pullups, Toes-to-bar, Muscle ups, pretty much everything on the pullup rig.

Alex: What is the thing that has surprised you the most since you started CrossFit?
Michael: Learning that the person you have to be the most competitive with is yourself.

Alex: What advice do you have for beginners?
Michael: Come to the gym every day and listen to the coaches on scaling.

Alex: The CrossFit Open is soon upon us, what I remember about your first open is that you did it with only 3 weeks of CrossFit to your name. What advice or expectations do you have for people who are doing the open for the first time this year?
Michael: Sign up, it is a lot of fun with a great atmosphere. Expectations? Don’t have any, scale the workouts that you need scale and have fun.

Alex: You are our consistent 7PM athlete. You have missed maybe a handful over the years, but the coaches know that when they coach 7pm we will see you in the gym at 6:50 warming up on the bike before class. How have you been able to stay consistent over these years?
Michael: For me, around this time, my daughter is across the street for cheerleading, so that’s a nice motivation that I am in the area anyway. My advice is making it part of your day. You get up to go to work every day this should be the same.

What do you wish you would have known when first started CrossFit?
Michael: You are not 20 anymore and be humble.

Alex: Can you tell me an interesting fact about yourself?
Michael: I enjoy reading about military history and drinking a good whiskey.

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CrossFit Games Open

Week 1 – Friday, Feb 22
Week 2 – Friday, March 1
Week 3 – Friday, March 8 – Friday Night Lights
Week 4 – Friday, March 15 – Friday Night Lights
Week 5 – Friday, March 22 – Friday Night Lights

The CrossFit Games is broken up into two stages. The first step is The Open, a worldwide online competition that kicks off in February. All CrossFitters at every level are encouraged to compete. It’s basically our annual test see where we stand. Most of us don’t worry too much about where we actually end up ranking but more about improving our ranking from previous years.

Should I Sign Up?

We don’t require anyone to register. If you want to use the CrossFit Games leaderboard to compare your performance from year to year than I suggest you sign up. If you just want to do the workouts and don’t want to register, that is great too!

You do NOT have to Sign Up for the Open to do the workouts, participate in Friday Night Lights, or the Intramural Challenge.

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights gives us the opportunity to go in organized heats with judges, and feel the heat of competition.

This year we will have Friday Night Lights gatherings, each of the LAST THREE weeks. During each week, you can also complete the workouts in your regular Friday classes. Class times may be limited prior to Friday Night Lights events.

I know some may be disappointed that we aren’t doing every Friday, but we are doing this again in the Fall due to the schedule change for 2020. So technically we are doing more Friday Nights this year 🙂

The Intramural Team Challenge

Each year we have an intramural team competition to spice it up a bit. It’s for ALL LEVELS, from beginner to advanced! If you would like to participate, SIGN UP HERE for the draft (separate from Open registration)!

This year we will have four intramural teams competing within the gym. The coaches and Captains will determine the teams in a random but even manner.

How You Earn POINTS for Your Team Each Week*

A) 1 Point Each – Top 5 Overal Men & Women
B) 1 Point Each – Top 3 Masters (40+) and Scaled Men & Women
C) 1 Point Each – Every Athlete that Participates
D) 2 Bonus Points – Each Athlete that signs up for CF4CF!

*Must have a judge, and submit score in Wodify to receive points.
**One athlete can get points for multiple items. For example, a Master athlete can get 3 points, if they participate (C), get top 3 masters (B), and get top 5 Overall (A).