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FRI08NOV2019 – Final OPEN Event

Friday Schedule – 530AM/800AM/400PM

Friday Night Lights – First Heat at 630PM
Party following the Final Heat, BYOB & Pot Luck


If the athlete is not able to complete the entire workout in the allotted time, a tiebreaker will be factored into their final score. Note the time when the athlete completes 80 calories on the rower and 120 wall-ball shots, regardless of how they choose to break up the work. When the athlete submits their score, there will be a space for their final rep count and an additional field for them to enter the elapsed time at which they completed the rowing and wall balls.

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November Preview

Check out our November Preview. Programming, events, and more!

Reminder, normal schedule tonight (Nov 1), and then last week of the Open next week (Nov 8) we’ll have Friday Night Lights followed by a social event to celebrate the end of the Open and our community. BYOB with a Potluck party. Hope we see you there!

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Memorial Day 2019

More details about Memorial Day at CrossFit Wylie

Members, please be sure you have registered for a time in the Wodify App.
Non-Members, please sign up for a drop-in HERE.

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Mel and Patti have lived in the Wylie area since 2009. These two met when Patti answered a personal ad that Mel wrote in a Boston Magazine. They talked on the phone for four hours, got engaged two weeks later over Indian food, and were married two weeks after that. That was 31 years ago!! Mel grew up in New York and has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Labor Relations and is currently retired. Patti grew up in Florida and has a Bachelor’s in Nursing and Masters in Occupational Health. Patti currently still works in health care involving operations and technology. They have two children together, Sara and Matt. Mel and Patti are proud of being the oldest members at CrossFit Wylie. They inspire us all with their worth ethic in the gym.

Alex: How long have you been at CrossFit Wylie?
Mel: About a year and a half
Patti: It will be four years in May

Alex: Why do you CrossFit?
Mel: I like to exercise, and I wanted to work on my flexibility and strength.
Patti: I was doing personal training and cardio on my own and wanted something a little more competitive.

Alex: Favorite CrossFit movement or lift?
Mel: I like doing back squats with the safety squat bar.
Patti: Deadlift! It’s something I can do and that I am good at.

Alex: Least favorite CrossFit movement or lift?
Mel: I really don’t have an objection to anything. If I was going to pick one it would be burpees.
Patti: Overhead Squat is the hardest thing for me because it hits all my weak points in mobility.

Alex: What is the thing that has surprised you the most since you started CrossFit?
Mel: The constant improvement on the two things I wanted to improve which is strength and flexibility.
Patti: The community. I never enjoyed going to group classes until I came to CrossFit Wylie. I love how everyone is so motivating and encouraging.

Alex: Mel, you started your fitness journey at CrossFit Wylie with our onsite physical therapist Laura Coker. How did she help you with your general physical well-being?
Mel: I had two hip replacements (nine and eleven years ago) which has restricted my mobility. Before Laura, I had a personal trainer and I was not getting the results I was looking for. What Laura did was take it back to the basics and taught me how to just get up from the ground. We worked on the elements of strengthening my muscles, so I could get up from the ground unassisted. After that, we worked on overall mobility and strength to improve my overall fitness.

Alex: Mel, you are currently in the CrossFit Wylie regular classes now, what changes have you seen in your overall health now from when you first started?
Mel: I do CrossFit three days a week. My aerobic capacity and upper body strength have improved greatly. I am able to squat full depth holding the squat rig which I was unable to do when I first started.

Alex: Patti, I hear you travel often for your job, how many CrossFit gyms do you think you have dropped into, and what separates CrossFit Wylie from the rest?
Patti: I would say I have dropped into at least fifty different CrossFit gyms across the United States. Across the board, the coaching at CrossFit Wylie is superior by far, and the focus on each individuals’ capabilities. When I drop into a gym and a Coach watches me snatch and says I am doing a good job, and he has no comments, I know something is wrong.

Alex: Patti, you have competed in the Open in the master’s category for a number of years now and have qualified for the regionals event in your age group. What is your regular training like as a master athlete?
Patti: The first two years I qualified I wasn’t doing anything extra. The last 6 months Laura and Chris have started to program for me. Laura programs mobility and Chris programs extra work geared on my weaknesses. I think the added recovery and programming that Chris and Laura provided for me has helped a lot.

Alex: Patti, any tips or info you can give to a master’s athlete who is looking to compete in CrossFit?
Patti: I would say get nutrition under control very early on and have realistic goals. You can’t compete with the twenty-year-olds in certain things. Masters athletes have different challenges, work with what you have and focus on your stamina and strength.

Alex: Can you tell me an interesting fact about yourself?
Mel: I am a published poet. I also started a writing class for individuals who would like to write a novel.

Patti: I was a competitive swimmer and softball player in high school. I also sang competitively in high school and college.

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Sign up for 19.3 Heats on the desk in the gym!


Forearm Stretch & Smash
Quads Foam Roll 2 min
T-Spine Mobility (Coach’s Choice)

Active Recovery
EMOM for 16 min (4 Rounds):
Min 1 – 5 Thrusters + 5 OHS
Min 2 – 7 Burpees to 6″ Target
Min 3 – 4 DB Lunges + 4 Kipping HSPU
Min 4 – Recovery Run/Row/Bike/Ski

*All weights should be light-medium (easy)
*Scale DB Push Press for HSPU

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The Open

By Coach Robert

2019 marks my 7th CrossFit open. Every year there’s a bit of excitement, anxiety, fear and a thousand other emotions that cross my mind.

“Am I ready? Will I have to scale? I hate double-unders. Intramurals?!? Now I have to be on a team?!? I don’t want to let my team down. Do I really have to do this?”

While the task in front of us seems daunting, it’s not impossible. The truth is that it’s just working out. No matter what my score is, my community will rally around me whether I’m the first one or the last one to finish. Scaled, RX… IT DOES NOT MATTER.

As with every workout, the effort that you give is the important part. Your CrossFit Wylie family is behind you. You’ve already put in great effort day in and day out. Give your best, celebrate your success’, cheer on your friends and have some fun. Who knows, you might even surprise yourself. You got this CrossFit Wylie!

Sidenote; you have until 7PM Monday night to sign up for an intramural team and submit your score for the first Open workout. It’s not too late! Email crossfitwylie@gmail.com to get added to a team.